Weathervanes Handcrafted in 18th Century Folk Art Style
....  for Decks, Lawns and Gardens

Our handcrafted weathervanes are easy-to-install and 
are designed to be down where you can see and enjoy them.

We offer 2 base types:

Deck base: designed to install on a deck or porch rail.
These vanes are mounted on a pressure-treated base, with pre-drilled screw holes
(we even include 2 brass screws for installation).

Cap base: designed to mount on 4X4 posts
As an extra, we offer 4X4 posts, in a stand (with included stakes),
for easy installation in your lawn or garden.

Many of our current figure styles are pictured below. 
Figures can easily be changed out (so if you can't decide, get more than one!)

All weathervanes include a set of individually-cut copper NSEW directional letters.  The letters are packed separately for safe transport; adhesive is provided to secure the letters into place, once the weathervane reaches its destination.

We offer the following options for our figure styles

Copper Silhouettes:  these are single-sided figures, cut from 32-ounce sheet copper,
and soldered to a copper rod.  Figures currently available but not pictured include:

"Swelled Copper" Figures:  We are no longer able to create the swelled figures.  

Every vane is hand-cut, and so there may be slight differences from one to the next.

Some of our items are now available through our Etsy shop
If you don't see what you're looking for on Etsy, just email us ~ 

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