Weathervanes Handcrafted in 18th Century Folk Art Style
....  for Decks, Lawns and Gardens

Copper Art

Our copper art is crafted primarily from naturally-aged, recycled copper. 

Most of our pieces start as some kind of roofing material, like flashings, gutters or downspouts.
All of our copper is "untreated", which means that (unless it is polished) it will age
beautifully and naturally with time.  Because copper does not rust,
most of our pieces can be displayed either indoors or out.

Some examples of our copper art pieces are pictured below.  Because our recycled art takes
advantage of the colors created by time and weather, each piece will be uniquely different.  We do dozens of styles - so these are only a representative sample of the many choices we offer!

Every item is hand-cut, and so there may be slight differences from one to the next.

Some of our items are now available through our Etsy shop
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